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Sludgefeast #2 Hardcover Special Edition - COMING SOON

Sludgefeast #2 Hardcover Special Edition - COMING SOON!

For the love of magazines!

We made Sludgefeast into a magazine, and not a website, because it is as much a tribute to magazines, as a magazine itself. We even went to the trouble of making the original digital version look like a paper mag, by using centre creases and paper tears visible in our designs. If you think we were dumb to not make Sludgefeast into a website, then join the queue.

World of Shit news pages in Sludgefeast issue one

Subjects we love - and some we don't!

If it's geeky, fun and worth shouting about: we'll consider shoe-horning it into our small A5 format. It's amazing what you can squeeze into a digital magazine...

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Half Man Half Biscuit in Sludgefeast issue two

Half Man Half Biscuit

Taking a balanced, in-depth look and listen to the new Half Man album "Urge For Offal", which was voted best album of 2014 by the readers of The Guardian newspaper.

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30th Anniversary of the Video Nasties

30th Anniversary of the Video Nasties

Recounting the horrible time suffered by film fans thirty years ago, and bringing the story up to date by exploring its effects now. The main positive effect: a love of great box art.

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Blu Movies feature in Sludgefeast issue two

Blu-Ray reviews and detailed Shivers comparison

Proving once again that there is no substitute for ignoring the rumours and researching the facts yourself. Arrow's Shivers isn't "cut" as some people are saying.

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From Bedrooms To Billions in Sludgefeast issue two

From Bedrooms To Billions

Our review of the new documentary by Gracious Films, which takes a time machine backwards to the birth of the video games business - how it grew from nothing to a gigantic industry in the 70s and 80s.

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Project Zomboid in Sludgefeast issue two

Project Zomboid

A detailed play-test of The Indie Stone's marvellous zombie survival game Project Zomboid. We racked-up over 100 hours getting to know this complex game and this is our write-up.

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Sludge Sounds in Sludgefeast issue one

Sludge Sounds

Exploring the resurgence of vinyl records - in particular soundtrack records, and the dedicated companies producing them. It's something of a movement.

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Check out our videos. We make these to supplement and enhance our features in the magazine.